Supply-Chain Games

How does it work ?


Customize the layout and parameters of your simulations to fit your learning objectives


Share a private link with participants and facilitate the games either in-person or remotely


Show the results of the session on your screen and discuss key game metrics, charts and conclusions

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You may host sessions remotely, students can join wherever they are.
Each user controls its own supply-chain stage : Retailer, Wholesaler, Distributor or Manufacturer (default setup) .
Missing some participants ? The computer will play for them !

Game Introduction
Game Introduction

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You need to sign up in order to create new games. This gives you access to a personal space where you can find & visualize more easily your previous parties.

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Analytics and Debriefing material

Follow your performance data during the game. At the end, get visual insights & charts . Find material to stimulate a discussion about supply-chain reform & optimization.

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Examples of Simulation contexts :