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Engage participants through immersive online multiplayer supply chain simulations to boost individual skills development, teamwork and your organization's continuous improvement.

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An agile solution

Supply chain games for continuous improvement

Companies, universities and consultants alike use our online beer game simulation to meet a wide range of objectives — from reproducing real challenges within supply-chain processes to optimizing an organization’s overall performance.

Students and trainees learn new business and team management skills by participating in a fun and engaging serious game experience.

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Wide-ranging benefits

Playing The Beergame App increases...

Awareness benefit icon


Increase understanding of common challenges and behaviors impacting supply-chain performance and flexibility.

Cooperation benefit icon


Improve collaboration and information-sharing across actors, resulting in stock reduction, fewer shortages and emergencies, and less stress on client-supplier relationships.

Anticipation benefit icon


Help all departments identify potential risks and make better-informed decisions.

Improvement benefit icon


Engage teams around global objectives and instill a continuous-improvement mindset.

Ready Player One to 600!

Customize and designate player roles in the supply chain, such as Retailer, Wholesaler, Distributor, or Manufacturer. Whether you’re running a game for a small classroom or for hundreds of employees, all players must overcome real supply-chain challenges… or face the Bullwhip Effect!

  • Provide intuitive and individualized dashboards.
  • Customize game within your industry context and branding.
  • Quickly and easily onboard players and teams.
  • Keep players engaged through fluid game stages.
  • Choose level of complexity with extensive list of parameters.
Interface view - Game StageInterface view - Game Stage
Interface view - Instructor DashboardInterface view - Instructor Dashboard

Meet your instructor dashboard.

Once logged in to the platform, instructors set up and manage their own in-person or remote beer games on a personal online dashboard. Quickly configure a simple simulation with the default settings or customize a number of other advanced parameters, such as number of turns, minimum order quantity, customer demand, and many, many more!

  • Set up and launch online games in seconds.
  • Save game templates and archive results.
  • Create a team to collaborate with other instructors in your organization.
  • Create and host multiple games at once.
  • Share games effortlessly with hundreds of participants.

Review post-game analysis.

Trainees, students and instructors can follow individual performance during the game. When a simulation is complete, the platform automatically provides results, charts, and other visual insights that can be archived and downloaded as Excel or PDF. Use this data to stimulate discussion about what went right or wrong in order to build a strategy and optimize the operation going forward.

  • Export results in PDF or Excel format.
  • Review multiple KPIs by role and overall teams.
  • Generate content to spark discussion for improvement.
  • Rank players and determine winners based on various criteria.
  • Analyze and compare multiple (up to 50!) game results side-by-side.
Interface view - Debriefing and AnalyticsInterface view - Debriefing and Analytics
Beer Game Bubbles backgroundBeer Game Bubbles background

This isn’t a drinking game,
so why is it called the Beer Game?

The name is derived from a classic role-playing game developed at MIT in the 1960s.

Professors at the time found that they could grab university students’ attention more effectively by calling it The Beer Distribution Game.

Our beer games can be white-labelled, so whether you trade in aircraft parts or smartphones, you can customize The Beergame App to your specific widget, industry and audience.