🌟 Plans

Just like in the previous Beergame App, you can create as many standard games as you want for free.
However I now propose more advanced features via paid options.
This is how you can support the development of the Beergame App !

👶 Free
Discover the app
Fixed Layout
  • 4 stages : Retailer, Wholesaler,
    Distributor, Manufacturer
Default Parameters
  • No Customization
  • Only one game running at once
👨‍🎓 Advanced
Organize complete sessions
Fixed Layout
  • 4 stages : Retailer, Wholesaler,
    Distributor, Manufacturer
Custom Parameters
  • Number of turns
  • Visibility/Collaboration
  • Lead-time
  • MOQ/Batch Sizes
  • Final Demand Profile
  • Create several instances at once
  • Archive Games
  • Full Debriefing content
  • Excel export
🤵 Premium
Tailor your training experience
Custom Layout
  • 2 to 8 stages
    Choose name/logo
Custom Parameters
  • As Advanced, plus :
  • Your company logo/colors
  • Your own Products & Units

  • As Advanced, plus :
  • Private Instructor page
  • 1h coaching to help you organize sessions

Each plan includes one week free trial.

Payment via Credit Card or Bank Transfer - An invoice can be created for your company or university.

Three months allow you to perform safely one or two sessions with a full class.
For repeated usage, get a discount (-50%) by subscribing for One year.

Want to know more about the different options ?
Download the Detailed Plans Description (.pdf)

Custom game stage

In-game settings

Advanced game config