The Object of
The Beer Game

The aim of the game is to fulfill requests at each stage of the supply chain in order to meet the overall demand of end customers.

Players are assigned to a role in their specific industry. For example, in a beer supply chain simulation, participants play as either Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler, or Retailer.

Each role responds to order requests from the stage below and places orders for the stage above.

Supply-Chain big Illustration How to Play

→ The resulting game experience provides insights into:

Basic supply chain concepts insight icon

Basic supply chain concepts

Stock, lead time, costs, orders, demand, etc.

The Bullwhip Effect insight icon

The Bullwhip Effect

Erratic demand variations, which increase up the chain

Impact of various supply parameters insight icon

Impact of various supply parameters

Visibility, batches, price fluctuations, etc.

Effects of human behavior insight icon

Effects of human behavior

How collaboration — or lack of — can impact overall performance

How to Play

The Beergame App is a web application. Participants can play on their preferred browsers on either a computer or smartphone. Data is stored in the instructor account and statistics are automatically generated.

Mockup phone beer game app

Step 1

Game setup

Sign up and create your first game — it’s fast and free!

Beer game stage interface

Meet your instructor dashboard. insight icon

Meet your instructor dashboard.

Get instant access to your personal instructor dashboard, where you’ll find everything you need to create your very first Beergame. Later, you’ll be able to simultaneously launch multiple games and view old games in the archive.

Customize the layout according to your context. insight icon

Customize the layout according to your context.

Like we said, the Beergame doesn’t have to be about beer. You can tailor the game to your industry and audience through our white-label features.

Configure the settings. insight icon

Configure the settings.

You can either quickly launch a game with our default settings or you can deep dive into our many parameters: Delivery Lead Time, Minimum Order Quantity, Customer Demand, Stock & Backorder Costs — the list goes on!

Assign player roles. insight icon

Assign player roles.

Each game simulates one supply chain divided into several roles. Assign predetermined roles with Excel or at random within the app. Roles can be customized according to the industry. For example, in an aircraft supply chain simulation, you can designate players into Assembly Line, Quality Control, Distribution Center, or Client.

Beer game stage interface

Step 2

Game hosting

The Beergame App is perfectly suitable for in-person or remote hosting.

Share away! insight icon

Share away!

Games are private by default, so once your game is ready, all you need to do is share the URL by email or in the web-conference chat. You can also share your own Instructor page and access to your complete list of games.

Instruct your participants on how to play. insight icon

Instruct your participants on how to play.

Once everyone’s ready, you can now use our slides to explain the game context and rules. Understanding the instructions and onboarding players is easy with the integrated introduction and help feature throughout the game.

Game on! insight icon

Game on!

Now that players are ordering, reacting, and trying to optimize their stock, surprise them with a sudden promotion! Watch as players try to adapt — and manage their frustration — to sudden demand and increased stress.

Game over. insight icon

Game over.

The game is finished when the pre-set number of turns is reached. This setting allows instructors to manage how long a game lasts — from 20 minutes up to one hour.


Step 3

Post Game Review

Share debriefing statistics, compare competing supply chains and discuss areas of improvement.

Beer game stage interface

Analytics in various formats. insight icon

Analytics in various formats.

Review game results data with visual insights, graphs and charts directly on the app, evaluate the performance, download as a PDF file or export into an Excel spreadsheet.

Examine the data. insight icon

Examine the data.

For each role, view key performance indicators (KPIs), such as Stock and Backorder Costs or Fill Rate. See how small variabilities in consumer orders heavily impact the entire supply chain. Rank roles or teams based on various metrics and criterias.

Stimulate discussion. insight icon

Stimulate discussion.

There are loads of information to promote highly engaging conversations, from what resulted in loss of sales to why storage costs increased to what exactly triggered the Bullwhip Effect. Most importantly, help teams figure out a solution and how they can work together better next time.

Practice makes perfect! insight icon

Practice makes perfect!

The Beergame app is all about continuous improvement. Launch another round with a different setup and strategy. For example, try playing in “Transparent Mode”, allowing communication between players, which gives them more control over the different stages and reinforces the lessons learned in previous games.