The mission of this site is to promote the use of simulation in the Supply-Chain teaching practices. Instructors can create an account on the website to host and organize their games. The app provides an online multi-player simulation based on the Beer Distribution Game. You can customize extensively the game via a premium plan to match your own industrial context and teaching purposes.

The Game

The Beer Distribution Game was developed at MIT in 1960. It is used daily all around the globe, in different contexts : at university, corporate trainings, seminars, coaching sessions..

Students control a facility (store, warehouse, factory..) part of the supply-chain of a beer company. Their goal is to supply the right amount of units throughout the chain so that final customers can be served.

It lets participants experience :
  • Basic supply-chain concepts : stock, lead time, costs, orders, demand
  • The bullwhip effect : erratic variations of demand, which increase as we move up the chain
  • The effects of human behaviours, how collaboration and team work can impact global performance
  • The effects of several supply parameters : visibility, batches, prices fluctuations..

The beergame app lets you organize beergame sessions much more easily. Students can use a computer or their phone to play, all the data is stored in your instructor account and statistics are calculated automatically.


👋 My name is Mathias Le Scaon. I gratuated in Industrial Engineering and worked for several years at several stages along the Supply-Chain.

I built a first online Beergame simulation in 2015. Between then and 2019, more than 200.000 parties were created with it. After several interviews with users I decided to re-write the application to include more features, and an instructor Dashboard. So this site is actually a Beergame App v2 🙂

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The Beergame App partners with professional coaches and consultants all over the world to animate engaging business trainings.

Michel Fender
Senior Advisor & Adjunct Professor
HEC Paris • France

Creative Commons attribution

The Noun Project icons :
  • Joystick, by Rinto Dwi Nugraha
  • Responsive, by Adrien Coquet
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  • User, by Yorlmar Campos